Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Well, this St. Patty's day wasn't as exciting as my past few St. Patty's days! Obviously all I wanted was a cold green beer, but instead I had cake and pizza and root beer. We had a fun little birthday party at work for all of the March birthdays. It was so much fun, and Dene picked out some delicious treats!

RE/MAX Associates staff girls... We're pretty attractive!!

The delicious Rainbow Cake.... yum!

My belly is getting pretty heavy, so the girls were helping me hold it up!

Our little office party was a lot of fun, and considering I couldn't exactly go out and celebrate with everybody else that night, it made it fun for me to have a nice little celebration with everybody! Plus I got a little break from work, which I can't complain about!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fresh Air

Forgive me, I've taken a small hiatus from my blog due to the fact that Duke was in town last week... FINALLY!!! And I guess after he left I was feeling a little down, or maybe just a bit unmotivated to write. But I'm back! It's Saturday, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful this week. On my lunch break Thursday I drove with the sunroof open and the windows down, and let my hair dance in the wind while I blasted a little Lady Antebellum in my car. It was majical. Something about spring fever that just feels amazing. And the smell in the air.... oh it is incredible!!

Duke spoiled us last week. He promised Lisi a day fun anywhere that she wanted to go while he was here in town. She chose Boondocks. It's so much fun! Duke checked her out of school a bit early, and we brought her 3 cousins and Duke's sister Toa with us. It was awesome. Such a breathe of fresh air! (See how I'm sticking to the Title?!!) I can't begin to explain what it's like to have him here in town, and to see him and his family having such a great time, and just genuinely enjoying each other's company. Everyone laughed all day long. I don't think any of us went without a smile the entire day. It was great!

They LOVE the go carts! I think they went on them 5 times that day! Duke won every time, of course. I told them not to let him, but he's sneeky! It's so fun to watch him run around and play with the kids, he just completely lets loose and acts just like them. It's priceless.

And of course, we couldn't just let the kids (and by kids, I also mean Duke) run around all day driving go carts and playing arcade games and chasing each other in laser tag, we had to feed them too! They have the most delicious pizza there. Mmmmm.... I'll have to stop thinking about it, or I may end up ordering pizza for dinner tonight!

It was such a great day! I miss him so much just remembering how much fun it was, and how great it was just to hear his wonderful laugh and see that handsome smile all day long. And as much as the girls laugh when they are together, I don't think I've seen them have so much fun as they did that day!

After Boondocks we came home and the girls set up Rock Band. I played. I rock. Ok, not really, I had to play on easy the whole time, but it was still a blast!

Then we slept.

I had the week off of work... doctor's orders... and it was so nice being able to spend the time with Duke. But it was so great finally being able to get out of bed and go do something fun! The rest of the week was pretty busy for us, it's not all that fun being an adult. But even through all the boring errands, Duke still managed to sneak in some "guy time" in the electronics section.... this is what we came home with....

I'm not complaining though, it is so nice watching movies on a big flat screen with clear picture! Now we just need to get cable and we'll be all set!

Well, now that Duke has gone back to work, things are pretty much back to normal. We got all registered at Target and Babies R Us for our showers, so I'm sure I'll be busy with baby showers here in a couple of weeks. And before I sign out, I'll leave an updated picture of the belly! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

27 weeks!