Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our New Addition

I know I promised to update this blog more often, and I really plan to do so! I had my computer stop working for a little while, and then trying to get used to having a new baby is hard.... but I'm updating now!

It finally happened! Our beautiful baby boy came on May 31,2011 at 8:20am weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches long. We named him Tiuke Filimoehala Niu and he is amazing!

We are so thrilled that he has arrived! After many trips to the hospital due to pre-term labor, he ended up holding on until just 13 days before his due date! My water broke at about 10:00 at night. I had what was called a "4 bag"??? Which is apparantly doctor talk for a "high break". So it wasn't like you see in the movies, it was actually a slow leak, and I was afraid maybe I peed my pants!!! (Oh the joys of pregnancy!) But after a little while we realized it wasn't stopping and it HAD to be my water. Duke was so excited... as soon as we had determined it was time for the baby his face just lit up! I don't know that I've ever seen him that happy before. I, on the other hand, was suddenly terrified!
Once at the hospital things were progressing quite slowly. I wasn't really feeling any pain, and was able to get a few naps in, whenever I wasn't freaking out about the fact that I was about to give birth to what I was afraid was going to be a 9lbs baby!!
After many hours of slow progression, the doctor decided to break my water the rest of the way and get labor moving along. Immediately after having my water broken I went into hard labor. I would love to come up with some clever analogy of the incredible pain I was in, but I just don't think there is anything I could say that would do it justice.Let's just say it SUCKED!!
I then had the anesthesiologist come in right away to give me the epidural and was so relieved for her promptness! After the epidural it only took me 10 minutes to go from being 4cm dilated to 10. It was time to push! The litte booger decided to be stubborn, (wonder where he gets that!!), and be facing "posterier", or "facing up". Which made it a lot harder to get him out. Because his vitals kept dropping every time I had a contraction, and then weren't coming back to where they should be when the contractions were over, my doctor decided it would be best to use forceps to help him out. At this point I didn't care what they had to do, as long as my little buddy was ok. I was only pushing a total of about 20 minutes and he was here. Beautiful, happy and healthy!

And I have to give a HUGE thank you to my amazing doctor Dr. Vernon Yamashiro for being the most amazing doctor I've ever had! I'm so happy to have found such an awesome doctor who I completely trusted, and gave us total confidence through every hurdle we went through with this pregnancy! I am so blessed to have had such an awesome doctor delivering our little bundle of joy!

And thanks to all of our family and friends for all of the love and support! This little boy is very loved and we are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives!

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