Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well Traveled Baby Part 1

One of my favorite things to do is go road-tripping! Whether it's with family or friends, you're always in store for some fun and adventure. And no matter how planned out your trip, there's always something unexpected that happens. I think looking at those unexpected moments as something positive, and turning them into fun usually makes them the best, most memorable experiences you have on your trip! It's also a great way to see new things and really be able to absorb and appreciate your surroundings. My love for road trips and adventure is something I really hope to pass on to my children, so when I got the chance to take Tiuke on a road trip I JUMPED at the opportunity! Especially because it also meant more time with Duke for me & baby!!

Duke's work was sending him over to Vernal, Utah for some training, and I saw it as an opportunity for us to spend some extra time together, and also to take Tiuke on his first road trip! I had never been to Vernal before, so I was excited to go somewhere new! We drove up there on a Monday, Duke had to be to his training by noon. After we checked into our hotel, and I dropped Duke off, I drove around the town a bit to see what kinds of things I could go do with the baby over the next couple of days. Then I headed back to the hotel to feed Tiuke and relax a little bit. Not even 2 hours later I got a call from Duke that he needed me to come pick him up, and we were going to head to Fruita, Colorado. I was a bit shocked considering we had just got to town, but I was excited, as I grew up in Grand Junction which is the town just east of Fruita. Apparantly the training he had to do couldn't be done in Vernal, so I picked him up, we packed up our things and headed out to Fruita!

The drive from Vernal to Fruita was so beautiful, and there was this neat little spot to pull off and look out onto the canyon...

...then as we got to the bottom of the canyon we spotted a momma deer & her 2 little babies, they were so adorable. I wish the picture did them justice, but since we were driving it was hard to get a good shot.

It was only about a 2 hour drive to Fruita, but it was a lot of fun just jamming out to music & having fun in the car! The next few days in Colorado was mostly spent hanging out in the hotel with the baby, going out to dinners with Duke, lots of snuggling for all 3 of us, and visiting friends and family.

It was nice to have those few days together and to visit old friends and family, and just for me to be able to be back in my hometown. I can't wait to take Tiuke there when he's older and will remember it! But for now we'll just have these pictures to show him his first time there! We'll especially make sure he sees this one... his first time in sunglasses, as we walked along the Colorado River!

We left Wednesday evening and headed back to Utah. But don't worry... this is not the end of our Road Trip story... there is more to come!

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